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The heady heights of legal rights

I’ve been hearing plenty of buzz suggesting that the postcards have landed and that Amazon’s doing a roaring trade… well, it’s nice to support small business, isn’t it?* I am most eagerly anticipating the reviews that follow – one gold star (a metaphorical one, by the way) to the first one to come in!

Now, on a more serious topic: I have a clever lawyerish type friend – let’s call him Norbert, for argument’s sake – that has brought to my attention that I should probably give heed to Consequential Matters that go above and beyond just getting people to read lovely books and write lovely reviews and all have lots of lovely fun together. Norbert tells me this is so I can use them here, and on other sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Basically, Norbert says, ‘If you send your postcard with review back to the Project, you will be agreeing to give up any rights in what you wrote as far as it is possible to do so under English law. In return, the Project promises to let everyone know it was you who wrote it [if you want us to, that is] every time the review/postcard is used.’**

Now, since this project’s whole raison d’etre has always been to share the postcard reviews, I’m sort of assuming that everyone’s taking this part of the deal as read.  If you don’t want to do that, please keep the postcard as a memento – I won’t be angry, just disappointed… If anyone’s got any other problems with it please do get in touch via Facebook or the contact form, and I’ll let Norbert explain the finer points of the law of copyright. Apparently, this is something he likes to do, but please don’t encourage him.

So there you have it – the terrible consequences of the meeting of literary and legal minds. I’ll add a page, too, detailing the simplified Ts & Cs so they are easy to locate if ever you feel the unfortunate urge to do so. Hopefully from now on I can avoid all such legal jargon and continue to live in let’s-all-play-nicely fairyland. It is, after all, so lovely here.

* If you’d like to go elsewhere for your books, why not try AbeBooks (UK or US) which sell beautiful old copies of everything under the sun, or else try your local second-hand bookshop? Their stock lists never fail to amaze me. Or the library! – the most incredible resource, and so often overlooked these days.

** Norbert wanted to write a lot more here – and in fact did, including defined terms and very, very, small print – but this is my simple version of it.

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