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From the dawn of the sexual revolution comes the story of Ellen, who has left her life in Ireland (Catholic guilt and repression feature heavily) to visit the South of France ‘to be free and young and naked with all the men in the world making love to her, all at once’. I say!

But is it just me? – I can’t help but think that this review, sans the 1960s reference, might just as easily have been written about The Book That Everyone is Talking About – that’s 50 Shades of Grey if you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks. Although it must be said that August comes out of such a comparison pretty well – and that’s even taking into account that it apparently describes, without irony, a man’s… y’know… as ‘a foxglove in a secret glade’. Dear god.

(By the way and for the record, this comparison is all supposition, since I’m far too much of a book snob to read said 50 Shades (yes, yes – so how can I judge it? – but I read an extract, people! A dire, dire extract…). If you agree with me, you might enjoy this little interpretation of the book instead.)


All in all, then, another great review. Keep them coming, team!


The author, Edna O’Brien, is an Irish novelist born in 1930. She would later describe the Ireland of her childhood as ‘fervid’ and ‘enclosed’. O’Brien continues to write to this day.


A very surprising plot to have been written in the 60s! Although the writing style leaves much to be desired, the constantly surprising, eye opening plot keep the reader engaged. A suggested women audience. Shellie

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